WhatsApp is working on group polls feature: Here’s everything we know so far

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a group polling feature for its users. It is one of the widely used messaging apps in India and the polling feature will be useful

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a series of new features like message reactions and a new tab for communities. Now, a report by WaBetaInfo suggests that the messaging platform is planning to introduce a group polling feature for its users. WhatsApp is widely used in India and this would be a useful feature.

Platforms like Telegram and Twitter already offer the ability to create polls that make it easier for people to drop their vote on a certain topic and see the results instantly. The cited source has shared an image that shows WhatsApp will let people enter a question to create polls.

It is currently unknown as to how many options one will get to add for polling on WhatsApp. For instance, Telegram lets you add 10 options. Comparatively, Twitter only allows you to add four options, and you will have to create another thread if you want to add more choices to a poll.

It is also unclear how many polls WhatsApp will allow a user to create at a time and how long people can take to vote. The report says that the group polling feature on WhatsApp will remain end-to-end encrypted, just like your regular chats. So, only those who are in the group will be able to see the poll and its results.

“Thanks to polls, you can ask for a question and other people can vote the answer. Note that polls will only be available in WhatsApp groups and they are end-to-end encrypted even your answers! So only people in the group can see the poll and the results,” the report stated.

The polling feature is currently under development and will be made available in a future update. At the moment, it is currently not available for beta testers. The feature was spotted in the iOS beta version.

Besides, WhatsApp is also expected to roll out the message reactions feature in the near future. The company has been working on this for months now. WaBetaInfo says that WhatsApp is planning to add a reaction button to your chats that will allow you to react to messages using emojis. The feature is still under development, but is expected to arrive on Android and iOS in the future.

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