WhatsApp adds an extra layer of security for WhatsApp Web users

WhatsApp’s Code Verify Extension checks the WhatsApp Web javascript for authenticity and works with Chromium-based browser

WhatsApp has introduced an open-source browser extension that lets you verify the authenticity of the WhatsApp client when you use WhatsApp on the web. With the rise in cases of phishing and other types of cyberattacks, WhatApp’s Code Verify extension will immediately alert you if your version of WhatsApp Web is inauthentic or has been modified.

WhatApp’s Code Verify extension is available on all Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Brave Browser , and Microsoft Edge. If you don’t know how to access the extension page on your browser here is a direct link to the extension

When people use messaging apps like WhatsApp via the web, they’re being served Javascript rather than a binary application. This means it’s technically possible to serve different people a different experience than what they were expecting.

“We know that bad actors may want to alter the WhatsApp app and distribute that app to unsuspecting targets. For example, a bad actor could serve someone a version of the WhatsApp client that was created to spy on them – without them ever knowing the difference.”While Mobile apps have security verification protocols in place to ensure that the client you’re downloading is authentic and hasn’t been modified. “Unfortunately, those assurances haven’t existed for web-based implementations of apps (those that run on web browsers). Code Verify was created as a solution.”

How does it work?

WhatsApp has partnered with Cloudflare , for uniform content delivery, the extension scans the Javascript code of the WhatsApp Web App and ensures it matches it with the one publicly posted on Cloudflare. In case there is any inconsistency, the extension will immediately alert you.

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