Very cheap this scooter will run up to 190 KM in one charge, the price will make the plan of purchase

New Delhi: In the last two years, the test of Indian customers towards electric vehicles seems to be changing and they are being adopted rapidly, especially two-wheeled electric vehicles. In such a situation, companies also want to fully capitalize on this opportunity and along with big automakers, many startups are launching their new electric two-wheelers almost every month.

One of these is NIJ Automotive which has launched the Asselero Plus electric scooter. It looks quite attractive with dual LED headlamps, LED DRLs and boomerang style LED indicators.

3 LFP battery packs included

The company has launched this scooter in Imperial Red, Black Beauty, Pearl White and Gray Touch. A feature like cruise control has been given with the Accelero Plus, which is very useful while traveling long distances.

The scooter comes in four battery configurations which include a lead-acid battery and 3 LFP battery packs. The LFP battery options come with 1.5 kW (48 V), 1.5 kW (60 V) and 3 kW with 48 V dual battery setup.

Maximum range of 190 km on Eco mode

The Accelero Plus has been given three riding modes, in which the scooter gets the highest 190 km range on the Eco mode. In city mode, it runs up to 140 km on a single charge. The ex-showroom price of the Accelero and Accelero Plus ranges from Rs 53,000 to Rs 98,000 depending on the lead-acid battery pack chosen.

The company will launch its fifth electric scooter in the market by the end of this year, which will be named R14. This scooter will be technically very advanced and its range is also expected to be the highest.

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