America is praising India for hypersonic weapons, understand what this technology is

A US lawmaker said that the US is no longer as influential in the field of advanced technology, while China, India and Russia have made great progress in hypersonic technology. “We’re in a position where we’re making technological improvements,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed said Wednesday in a debate to confirm a nomination. We used to be dominant in the field of technology, but now it is not so. China, India and Russia have obviously made great strides in ‘hypersonic’ technology.

Hypersonic weapons are known as ‘Mach Five’ or strike missiles with a speed of five times the speed of sound. Its speed is about 3,800 miles per hour or in simple language, the speed of these missiles is 6100 kilometers per hour. Although inter-continental ballistic missiles can hit at a higher speed, but by predicting their path, they can be destroyed on the way.

On the other hand, hypersonic weapons can change their course in the event of an attack. Hypersonic missiles have extremely precise and powerful ability to change speed and direction and that is why they are almost impossible to track and shoot down in the air. This feature of hypersonic weapons makes them the most lethal.

There are two types of hypersonic weapons. The first is glide vehicles, that is, hypersonic weapons floating in the air and the second is cruise missiles. Right now the focus of the world is on glide vehicles. Explain that small missiles are placed behind the glide vehicles, after which it is fired from the missile launcher. After covering a certain distance, the missile gets separated from it. After that the glide vehicles attack the target flying smoothly. These weapons usually have a scramjet engine, which flies rapidly using the oxygen present in the air.

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