World’s First Infinity Train Will Run on Gravitational Energy, Here’s How

World’s first Infinity Train, which uses gravitational energy to recharge the locomotive as it moves, is in the making. In other words, the train will operate without any conventional fuel. To fully recharge its battery-electric systems, the Infinity Train will use gravitational energy. To make the return trip to reload, the train won’t even need any separate charging requirements.

Australian iron ore firm Fortescue and Fortescue Future Industries has purchased UK-based battery firm Williams Advanced Engineering to develop the world’s first infinity train.

The biggest advantage of the train is that it will eliminate the need for renewable energy generation and charging infrastructure, thereby also reducing the level of pollution and the hassle of refuelling the train.

Through this much-needed innovative project, there will be zero-emission and iron ore will be transported from one place to another at the lowest cost. It will get charged only while moving from one place to another and this energy will be saved in its battery. Since it will be charged while running on the track, its energy will never end.

According to Elizabeth Gaines, CEO of Fortescue, the Infinity Train will be the world’s best, most powerful, and most capable electric train. This will stop the use of diesel. Many modern cars also have regenerative braking, which generates energy from friction when braking, the same technology will now be used for trains.

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