What did china say when india accidentally fired missiles at Pakistan?

China has reacted for the first time to India ‘s mistake of firing missiles in Pakistani territory . China said that India and Pakistan (istan) should hold talks in this matter as soon as possible . China also said that the two countries should conduct a thorough investigation into the accidentally fired missile case . India expressed regret and said that during a missile maintenance (News about missile, India and Pakistan) due to a technical glitch , Pakistan had entered the Indian airspace., India has also ordered the High Level Court of Inquiry in this matter . At the same time, Pakistan has demanded a joint investigation of the matter .

China mentioned the responsibilities of India – Pakistan – istan

China ‘s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that both Pakistan , Pakistan , and India are major nations in South Asia and share the responsibility of maintaining regional security and stability . When asked about China ‘s reaction to a Pakistani journalist on the Indian missile accident , he said that we have looked at the relevant information .

Calls for thorough investigation and sharing of information

Zhao said that we would like to initiate dialogue and dialogue with the relevant nations as soon as possible and initiate a thorough investigation of this incident , strengthen information sharing and ensure that such incidents do not recur and prevent miscalculations. Calling to set up a system . On Friday, the Hindustan Government said that two days ago, a missile that accidentally went off landed in Pakistan , and that the regrettable incident was due to a technical glitch during routine maintenance .

Hindustan ordered a court of inquiry

India ‘s Defense Ministry said that the government has taken the incident seriously and has ordered a Court of Inquiry . A day before that, Pakistan -istan had said that a high-speed projectile fired from India entered its airspace and fell near Mian Channu in Khanewal district of Punjab province .

Hindustan had expressed regret

India ‘s Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday that it has been learned that the missile fell in an area of Pakistan . This incident is very regrettable, it is a matter of relief that no one was hurt . “Due to a technical glitch , during routine maintenance on March 9, a missile fired due to an accident ,” the statement said . The Hindustan Government has taken seriously the incident of missile launch due to accident and has ordered the High Level Court of Inquiry .

Pakistan and Pakistan had objected to India ‘s regret

Pakistan : Pakistan on Saturday said it is not satisfied with India ‘s simplified explanation for the missile accident in Pakistan’s Punjab province . Pakistan -istan had demanded a joint inquiry to ascertain the correct facts related to this incident . Pakistan ‘s Ministry of Defense had stated that the incident was related to several basic aspects of security protocols and technical security practices against accidental or unauthorized missile launches in a nuclear environment. raises questions .

Pakistan is demanding a joint investigation

Pakistan had said that such a serious matter could not be resolved with the easy explanation presented by the Indian authorities . He said that some questions should be answered . The Ministry of Finance had said that the Indian decision to conduct an internal court of inquiry after the missile fell in Pakistani territory is not sufficient . Pakistan demands a joint inquiry to ascertain the facts related to the incident .

Pakistan is seeking information about missiles

It had said that India should explain the methods and procedures to prevent accidental missile launches and special circumstances of this incident . It said that India should clearly state the type and specifications of the missile that fell in Pakistani territory . Pakistan ‘s Foreign Office had said that Pakistan – istan calls on the international community to take seriously this incident of a serious nature in the nuclear environment and play its due role in promoting strategic stability in the region. , Although the name of the missile was not given in the statement of the Defense Ministry of India , but the description given by the Pakistan Indian Army indicates that it could be a BrahMos missile .

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