Sania Mirza is stuck in Pakistan after marrying Shoaib Malik, some in-laws do not give respect husband does not appreciate

Sports enjoys a lot of popularity in India and this is the reason why sportspersons associated with sports are also well-liked. One of them is such a player, who is famous not only in India but all over the world. We are talking about Indian tennis player Sania Mirza.

Shoaib Malik doesn’t care

Sania Mirza and her husband Shoaib Malik are often in the headlines on social media. Sania Mirza constantly makes headlines for her videos and photos on social media as well. For this, she shared a reel video on her Instagram profile, where in this video she is pointing towards her husband Shoaib Malik through a film dialogue saying that he does not respect his wife.

no respect in in-laws

Sania Mirza also jokingly said that her in-laws consider her as the chicken of the house and no one respects her. His acting seems to be true and his statement is causing his pain. Sania Mirza posted a reel on Instagram in which she is saying that her in-laws consider her as the chicken of the house and she is not respected at all in her in-laws’ house.

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