Russia-Ukraine crisis LIVE: 57 Ukrainians killed in invasion, reports AP citing health minister

Russia Ukraine Latest News Updates:

Russia’s commencement of a military strike in Ukraine on Thursday has led to total chaos in the latter country. After Russian President Vladimir Putin officially ordered the operation, Russian forces fired missiles at several cities in Ukraine and also landed troops on the country’s South Coast.

News agency AFP reported that Russian ground forces have crossed into Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has said that nearly 50 Russian occupiers have been killed, AFP reported.

Earlier in the day, five Russian planes and one helicopter were shot down by Ukraine in Luhansk. Moments later, Russia confirmed taking out military infrastructure at Ukraine’s air bases and “suppressed” its air defences.

Russia is facing global condemnation from Western powers over its actions in Ukraine with the European Union vowing to hold Moscow accountable for the military operation.

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