“Bloody Incredible”: Elderly Ukrainian Couple Kick Out Russian Soldiers From Their Yard

Russia-Ukraine war: The incident happened in Mykolayiv, close to the port of Odessa. Russia looked to capture it to speed up the war, but Ukrainian took it back.

A Ukrainian couple showed remarkable courage by confronting a group of armed Russian soldiers and forcing them to leave their property. The senior couple did that without any weapon.

The incident was caught on camera installed on the couple’s property and the video has gone viral on social media since being posted online on Wednesday. The video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

The video shows four Russian soldiers breaking into a house in the village of Voznesensk, in the Mykolayiv Oblast province of Ukraine. While three soldiers entered the premises, the fourth one waited outside.

The soldiers then spread out, looking for Ukrainian soldiers. Instead, they were greeted by a plucky middle-aged couple. The man shook his fist at the soldier and his wife, who also arrived at the same time, shouts at them.

One of the Russians fires a shot in the air to scare the couple away, but the duo continued to shout at the soldiers, the security footage showed. They then ask them to leave the premises.

The argument continues for a couple of minutes, but the Russian soldiers finally concede to the couple’s demand and leave the house.

The Ukrainian couple escorted them to the main gate to make sure they leave the compound. A dog is seen barking at the soldiers as the couple closed the gate behind them.

The bravery shown by the couple is being lauded on the social media. “This is absolutely amazing…”commented a user on Twitter.

“This is how you deal with bullies,” tweeted another.

“May we all know this brilliant Ukrainian spirit and courage if we ever had to face such adversity. They’re just bloody incredible,” another user posted.

Mykolayiv is the latest target of the Russians, who used BM-21 “Grad” and BM-27 “Uragan” multiple rocket launcher systems to launch an attack there, according to National News Agency of Ukraine.

The strategically positioned city is close to the southern port of Odessa, and Russia looked to capture it to speed up the war in Ukraine. However, regional Governor Vitaliy Kim said Ukrainian forces have retaken the regional airport and are in control of the city.

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