Bad News! Earth will sink today! solar storm coming from the sun will hit the earth

Such an event is going to happen in space on Thursday, whose effect can be caught on Earth. According to the report, on April 14, ie today, the geomagnetic storm emanating from the sun is going to hit the earth, due to which there may be radio blackout in some parts of the earth.

According to scientists, the movement on the Sun has intensified, so there is a possibility that this storm can prove to be fatal. In this context, all the agencies around the world have been alerted.

The dangerous geomagnetic storm is moving towards the earth at a staggering speed of 16,13520 kilometers per hour. For the past several days, space scientists from all over the world have been discussing this among themselves. According to scientists, the dead sunspot-AR2987, which had been dormant for months, has resurfaced. It is in the shape of a ball and due to its activation, a huge amount of radiation is coming towards the Earth, which can cause huge disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere.

These parts can be affected

According to a report, the effect of this storm can last till April 15. NASA had already predicted that a minor geomagnetic storm could hit Earth’s atmosphere, which could damage vulnerable power grids. According to, due to the Sun’s radiation storm, more northern light will be created in the upper part of the North Pole’s atmosphere, which can have an impact on satellites and power grids located in the North Pole region of the Earth. Due to this, there is a danger of darkness covering these areas.

It has been told in the report that this storm hit the planet Mercury on Wednesday and after that it is moving towards the Earth. Astronomers tracking the Sun believe that there is a large region of intense magnetism on the far side of the Sun, probably a complex sunspot cluster. It will move to the eastern side of the Sun in less than a week from now.

What is a geomagnetic storm?

According to scientists, there are huge amount of explosions on the surface of the sun. During this, a huge amount of energy is released along with extremely bright light, which is called flare. This is the equivalent of one billion tons of magnetic energy at a speed of several million miles per hour, due to which some area of the outer surface of the Sun opens up and energy starts coming out of this hole and it looks like a ball of fire. If this energy is released continuously for several days, then it also starts releasing very small nuclear particles which spread in the universe, which has been named geomagnetic storm.

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