A ship carrying a large consignment of luxury vehicles has sunk in the Atlantic Ocean

A cargo ship carrying a large consignment of luxury vehicles from Germany has sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the statement given by the ship manager and the Portuguese Navy, 13 days ago, the engine of the ship caught fire, due to which it was being towed. Confirming the accident by the Portuguese Navy, it was reported that 22 crew members on the ship had already been taken away by their air force before the ship sank.

Porsche company cars were on the ship and it was on its way to America, when the accident happened about 400 km from Portugal’s Azores island. This 200 meter long ship was listed on starboard. According to the size of the ship, it is being estimated that there were about 4000 cars in it. However, the Porsche company has refused to give information about the models of the car.

According to the statement of the Portuguese authorities, there were both electric and petrol cars on the ship. In such a situation, it is being suspected that the spark caused by the lithium battery may have started the fire. However, he does not have any solid evidence about this. At present, the authorities are keeping an eye on the pollution in the ocean due to the sinking of the ship.

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