5 year old child ate 4 pills of Manforce together thinking chocolate, then

Patna: A shocking case came to light in Khagaria, Bihar. Here a five-year-old child ate four pills to increase sex power. It is being told that the child ate these pills assuming chocolate. After that started playing. After a while his condition started deteriorating. The child started to feel dizzy and started writhing.

Seeing the condition, the parents took him to the hospital, where he told the whole thing. The doctor treated the child wisely. At present the child is said to be healthy.

The matter is of February 26 last. When the first such case came in front of Dr. Barkat Ali of Khagaria Sadar Hospital, he was also surprised. The shocked parents told Barkat Ali, a doctor posted in the hospital’s emergency, that their child had swallowed the Manforce pills kept in the house as chocolate. Relatives told that the child ate four tablets at once, after which his private part became tight. Sweat is pouring out of the body and the child is sobbing.

Doctors were also surprised
When Dr. Ali listened to the family, he was also surprised. Actually, he had the first such case. He called up one of his doctor friend, who is a child specialist in AIIMS Patna, and told the whole matter.

The doctor of AIIMS advised the doctor of Sadar Hospital that somehow the child will have to vomit, so that he can get relief. After the advice of the doctor of AIIMS, the child was made to vomit after drinking salt solution in the hospital.

After this the child was kept under supervision for about an hour. When he became normal, the doctor along with his family sent him home. Doctors say that sex enhancing drugs like Manforce are for adults. If children consume it, they can even die. Doctors advise people that if anyone consumes any such medicine, they should keep it out of reach of the child.

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