Viral Video: Pakistan’s latest invention ‘Automatic Laanat Machine’ is instant hit

Among the local Pakistani population, political protest is as ordinary as waking up for breakfast. Pakistani protesters in the recent Political Protest against the Shahbaz Sharif administration have created an innovative machine, nicknamed the ‘Automatic Laanat Machine,’ to ease the burden of protesting.

This fascinating video was shared on Twitter by Major Gaurav Arya. “The start-up ecosystem in Pakistan has truly come of age. This #AutomaticLaanatMachine is the latest invention from the land of the pure, ” the caption read.One of the men in the video can be seen pulling a lever, which causes slippers to be slapped over the face of the photographs. The video has around three lakh views with, 1850 retweets and more than 11 thousand likes.At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. As one user puts it, “This is genuinely awesome.” Another user wrote, “Wonderful automation! Who says Pakistan is not technically, a developed nation?” Another wrote, “Automatic Laanat Machine….innovation to the next level.”

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