Police solves sensational case of Six deaths at Tawi Vihar, Jammu

Jammu, Aug 27: Jammu police on Saturday said that it has solved the sensational case of six deaths that took place under mysterious conditions in Tawi Vihar Jammu and all six bodies were found inside two houses in the locality on August 16.

In a statement cited by news agency GNS, the police said that during a press briefing SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli gave minute details regarding the case and informed that on 16 August, a telephonic call of Shahzada sister of Noor-ul-Habib, one of the deceased, was received wherein caller informed regarding some suspicion as her brother is not picking up phone.

The statement further stated that police party reached at the spot and found six bodies in two houses after which all the bodies were sent for autopsy which was conducted in GMC Jammu by board of doctors and viscera has been further sent to FSL for chemical analysis and examination of which report is awaited.

During investigation, SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli said, some very important leads were collected by SIT headed by SP Rural Sanjay Sharma with SDPO Nagrota Pradeep Kumar, SHO Nagrota Vishav Pratap Singh, IC PP Sidhra Majeed Hussain, which includes CDR, CCTV recordings, data extraction from mobile phones, bank details.

During course of investigation, it came to fore that Noor-ul-Habib started staying in this house from the year 1997 and Sakina used to work as domestic help in the house, he said.

Sakina and her family are basically from District Doda and purchased a house nearby in 2004, he said.

Sakina and her family got financial help from Noor-ul-Habib and both families got too much dependent on each other but both the families were upset due to medical issues as two family members Zaffar Saleem and Naseema were specially abled whereas one family member Sajjad Ali was also having medical problems while Noor-ul-Habib was also suffering from a deadly disease, he said.

” They also had disputes related to land in Doda and other than that court cases/litigations.” SSP informed in this presser.

On 4th August, after appearing in a case alongwith Sajjad and Sakina, Noor-ul-Habib feared that he will be convicted in a case and he told one of the relatives that it is better to end life better than facing the sentence, he said.

He convinced Sakina Begum, Rubina Bano and Sajjad Ali who all were very dependent on him to end their lives, he said.

On 5th August, they started brought medicines that include Cannula’s drips and on 6th August, Noor-ul-Habib called Sanjeev Kumar (Health Worker) and told to fix in his arm and in Sajjad Ali’s arm. On 7th August, they infused drugs (combination of medicines) to Zaffar Saleem and Naseema. He asked Sanjeev to check medical conditions of both the above mentioned persons, to which Sanjeev told Noor that patients have low 02 levels and they should consult doctors so as to save precious lives. On 7th Noor called one Plumber Vijay Kumar and told him the entire story and gave 2.5 Lacs to dug the mud so as to burry 02 bodies after the death i.e. Zaffar & Naseema. On 9th August, Plumber came and dug the mud so as to prepare pit for the burial of the bodies as directed by Noor. Noor asked plumber to get some medicinesto which Vijay agreed and got the medicines, he said.

On 12th, Sanjeev was again called to deliver some medicines and to check Canulas and drips. As evident in the investigation, Zaffar Saleem and Naseema passed away on 12th August, though the opinion of FSL is awaited. The CCTVs installed in both the houses were deactivated since 6th August, 2022 and fragrance dispensers were put in place. Diapers were used to check the smell of excretions. After the death of 02, medicines were infused to Sakina and later Noor, Sajjad and Rubina also started having IV fluids. Noor-ul-Habib had ordered for some home gym equipments in Jalandhar, to whom he called on 13th August that these equipments are no longer required so need not to send, he said.

On 14th August, morning Sakina had died and 14th afternoon rest 03 members Noor, Sajjad and Rubina came to City for purchasing more medicines. On 14th afternoon, they made call on Zomato and ordered food packets from Pahalwan sweets. On 15th morning, Rubina had died and they called Sanjeev outside the house in their Nano car for re-fixing the Canulas and medical examination of Noor and Sajjad and by 15th evening both Noor and Sajjad also died.

A case under relevant sections has been lodged in PS Nagrota for investigation, reads the statement, the statement added.

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