You can earn millions of rupees every day from ‘YouTube’, Know how

Since the corona epidemic, every sector around the world has been affected very badly, due to this, many people’s jobs have been taken away. Many people ended their lives in the absence of a job, and some people created many new things while sitting. In the meantime, there is only one issue everywhere, that is employment. Employment is an important issue among the youth due to which many people are coming under stress. After working hard many times, you have not got the same result as you want. In view of this, today we have brought a way of earning for you, which is a great option for your employment. As in today’s time, everyone uses the internet, if we use it properly, it can prove to be a great opportunity for us. What will be better than spending time on the internet as well as earning. And for this work you do not even need to go, you can earn from it sitting at home. With this, every third person uses YouTube, so today we tell you the easy way to earn money from YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube:-
YouTube is a platform where you can start without putting in money. You can earn money by putting good videos on YouTube and this is the best way to earn money online. If you make the difference between the website and YouTube, then you have to write in the website, while in it you have to make videos, both of them have ads from Google Adsense and when someone clicks on these ads, you get money from it. On YouTube, first of all, you have to create your own channel through which you can upload your videos…

How to create a YouTube channel:-

* First of all you have to create a YouTube channel. For this, you will need a ‘Gmail account’. With the help of which your YouTube channel will be created.

* Name your YouTube channel in a way that’s different, short and easy to remember.

* Design channel art and logo to make your channel professional. Here’s how the video starts:-

* Create a video intro for your YouTube channel.

* Upload your own created videos to your channel. which is only your copyright.

* After uploading the video, share it on your friends and social media which will get you more views.

* Speak to the logo in your video to subscribe to the channel. With this, when everyone starts liking the video of your channel, then automatically your name will be made on the internet. Views and subscribers on the video will also start increasing, then you can start earning money from your channel. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind which issue is covered in the country, and what is trending. On this, if you make videos in between, then it will give you more benefits

Ways to make money from YouTube:-

We are going to tell you about the ways to make money from YouTube which is very easy. Using these methods, you can earn millions of rupees from YouTube. * The first is to enable monetization of your YouTube channel by going to the settings of the YouTube channel.

* Then you have to create an account in Google AdSense using Gmail.

* When the monetization of your channel is on, then there are advertisements on your video for which you get money.

* The more people will see your video win the higher your earnings will be.

* The money earned from your YouTube video comes to your Google Adsense account which you can transfer to your bank account.

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