Meet the world’s biggest SUV with a bedroom and bathroom, powered by 4 engines

Hummers have been famous for their butch looks and big size, to take it to even more extreme levels, here we have a Hummer H1 that is a giant even amongst these big SUVs.

Since the time of production, Hummer SUVs have been used in multiple extreme ways. They have been used by the US Army for harsh terrains, they have been used to build limousines and what not. This time some enthusiasts have taken it a step ahead by building the world’s largest Hummer.

The new giant Hummer SUV is a giant with a height of 6.6 meters, width of 6 meters and length of 14 meters. This buff SUV in the form of Hummer H1 on steroids is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan famous by the name Rainbow Sheikh. Interestingly this SUV is fully functional and not just for show.

Rainbow Sheikh is known for his affection for extreme and rare vehicles. His social media posts feature multiple unusual giat size vehicles like 10×10 Dhabiyan: World’s Biggest SUV, Bigfoot RAM 2500 Truck claiming to be world’s biggest monster truck, among others.

Rainbow Sheikh is also the owner of the Off-Road History Museum in Al Madam, UAE, where his vehicles are displayed, including the giant Hummer. Sheikh is also a member of the Emirati family and holds the Guinness World record for owning the most 4×4 SUVs in the world.

The giant Hummer H1 Sheikh owns is designed to be much more than a car. The humongous size of the SUV gives it enough room to have a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, among other things.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the powertrain of the humongous Hummer H1 is as impressive as its size. The monstrosity is powered by four diesel engines. Each engine powers one wheel of the SUV. To get a perspective, each wheel needs its own engine because they are three times the normal-sized model.

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