Scientists warn, drinking RO water can be dangerous

Nowadays people use RO water in most of the houses. RO purifies water to make it drinkable, but do you know how dangerous it is for your health. Yes, using RO water can prove to be fatal for your health. We are not saying this, but scientists have to say so.

It has been revealed in many studies that essential minerals are lost in RO water, due to which the body has to face many problems. Not only this, many times it has been warned by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Let us tell you that it has also been scientifically proven that on purifying water with the technology based on reverse osmosis, many essential nutrients present in it are eliminated. Due to which a person may have to face health problems like jaundice, anemia. Apart from this, the dangers of problems in the development of the newborn also start coming to the fore. RO purifies the water, but filters out the calcium and magnesium present in it, which has a bad effect on the body.

Such symptoms start appearing in people
In a study, scientists said that when people started using RO water in Czech and Slovak, there was a severe shortage of magnesium and calcium inside their body in just a few weeks. Apart from this, other problems also started appearing. Due to the use of RO water, these people started complaining of fatigue, weakness and body ache. It is said that RO water cannot compensate for minerals as compared to natural water.

This way the water can be cleaned

Water can be consumed after boiling it well for 3 to 4 minutes.
Water is also purified by adding alum to hot water.

Put 5 drops of iodine in a liter of water.
Adding four drops of liquid bleach to a liter of water also cleans the water.

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