If your sugar level is increasing, then you can control it in these ways

New Delhi Increasing sugar level is a big problem in itself. Many people have differences about why sugar increases on an empty stomach. Everyone has different reasoning behind it.

Actually, the sugar level of many people increases in the morning. In such a situation, the question arises that why does the sugar increase on an empty stomach. Also what should be the normal sugar level?

Explain that diabetes also affects the kidneys, heart, eyes, skin and brain. Therefore, it is important for diabetics to keep their blood sugar level under control.

What should be the level of sugar in the morning

According to media reports, it is very important to normalize the sugar level on an empty stomach in the morning because rising sugar level can trouble the person in many ways, as well as cause many serious diseases.

It is believed that the normal blood sugar level should be 70-100 mg/dl on an empty stomach in the morning. If the sugar level becomes 100-125mg/dl, it is dangerous.

Explain that a blood sugar level greater than 126mg/dl falls in the diabetic range. In this situation, you must consult your doctor, otherwise your problem may increase.

how to control morning blood sugar

Try to eat dinner on time, as well as eat healthy foods only.

Apart from this, you should definitely make a habit of walking after eating food.

Avoid taking snacks, carbohydrates and carbs at night. Due to this, there is a higher possibility of increasing blood sugar in the morning.

Apart from this, keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink more and more water.

Never skip breakfast or breakfast. Eat only healthy things in breakfast.

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