Different types of tea and how they benefit your health

Tea lies at the heart of India and Indians. It is that one beverage that seldom hears a ‘No’ when offered to somebody. A cup of tea provides a jolt to the senses and revives freshness, and as a result, is the perfect thing to take a break with.

Tea, over time, witnessed a plethora of experimentation, and people devised recipes that proliferated the domain of benefits that tea provides. In this article, we will tell you about five types of teas, including their benefits, that people drink whole-heartedly, whether it is for specific health purposes or just another cup on another day.

Green Tea

Considered one of the best forms of tea if you are keeping a check on your overall health, green tea has a list of benefits that are skillfully mixed in a cup. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea reduces oxidative stress and also curbs the risks of various ailments, including some as serious as cancer.

Black Tea

Black tea has a high caffeine content making it the perfect replacement for black coffee. Black tea is proven to be extremely beneficial to fight off chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc. It is one of the best options to kick start your day or charge up in the middle of it.

Lavender Tea

While black tea is a source of energy required to start your day, lavender tea is the perfect end to your day. It has multiple benefits, including some that help boost your sleep efficiency. It is also believed to be effective for the good health of your skin.

Tulsi Tea

A cup of Tulsi tea has multiple positive properties. One of the most important of them all is that Tulsi tea works great to boost your immunity. It also has inflammatory properties. In addition, Tulsi tea is just the thing you need if you are suffering from a cold or sore throat.

Milk Tea

Last but not least, Milk Tea has to be on the list of teas that you want your palate and your body to be familiar with. A great mood stabiliser, Milk tea works like a charm every time you have a cup of it.

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