‘Boycott Haldiram’ Trends Over ‘Urdu’ Description On Packets & Here’s What Happened

You may not have visited a Haldiram restaurant in a long time, but the recent controversy surrounding it may be enough to entice people to return.

The Indian multinational sweets, snack, and restaurant company has been chastised for allegedly selling packaged goods with Urdu descriptions on the back.

If you use social media, you’ll be aware that a video of a news reporter questioning (nearly hounding) a Haldiram store manager has gone popular on Twitter.

According to reports, the reporter claims that the description on the back of a Namkeen product from the brand is written in Urdu rather than Hindi. The snack in question is known as the ‘Falhari Mixture,’ and it is reported to be a popular fasting mixture among users.

According to the video, the Namkeen product’s back description is written in Urdu, with the primary details in English. The reporter loses her temper in the popular video when she asks a female store manager why their product has Urdu written on the back.

“If you want to have it, you may have it,” the store manager says. “If you don’t want it, you can just keep it here and go from my outlet.”

A multitude of people gathered at the store, as well as police officers, can be seen observing the entire episode in the footage. Now that the internet has been visibly divided by the entire row, here are some things we discovered on Twitter.

Some people are currently organising a boycott of Haldiram as a brand!

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