Aamir Khan breaks silence on his divorce from Kiran Rao, reveals surprising details about separation

After Aamir Khan announced divorce from Kiran Rao last year, he left his admirers with many unanswered questions. Finally, Khan decided to spill it out and address these burning queries. In a conversation with News18 India’s Kishore Ajwani, the actor talked about his divorce from Kiran and shared the real reason behind their separation. Khan said that Kiran would tell him that even when they discuss something as a family, he looks lost.

Kiran told Aamir that she doesn’t want him to change, because if he changes, then he wouldn’t be the same person, with whom she fell in love. Rao even said that she’s in love with his brain and his personality, so she would never want to change that.

Aamir said that today when he reflects on what Kiran told him years ago, he agrees that he noticed a lot of changes in him. The ‘Ghajini’ actor cleared that he didn’t divorce his first wife Reena Dutta for Kiran. “When Reena and I got separated, there was no one in my life. A lot of people think that Kiran and I met before my divorce from Reena, but it’s not true. Kiran and I had met, but we didn’t really know each other, and we became friends much later.” Khan even cleared if he was in a relationship while divorcing Kiran, “No. There was no one back then, there is no one now.”

The ‘Lagaan’ actor said that they love and respect each other. But people don’t understand this, and he accepts it, as it is an unusual norm. The ‘Dangal’ star even added that he and Kiran are like actual family, but their relationship of husband and wife has experienced a certain change, and they wanted to respect the institution of marriage. Aamir summed up their divorce by saying, “We are working together. We live close by. But we are no longer husband and wife and that’s why we decided to call it quits.”

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