Sakshi, wife of former Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, made a big disclosure, which everyone was shocked to hear, had to do such work

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who was the captain of the India cricket team, has as much stardom in the life of every cricketer and more importantly, his wives also get the same stardom as the cricketers themselves, the players. His wives are also often seen in the field.

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi is also no less than a star for cricket fans, often seen somewhere with Dhoni,

At the same time, during an interview, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi has made a disclosure, Sakshi has spoken openly about her stardom, she spoke on the YouTube channel of Chennai Super Kings and openly talked about her personal life. .

Let us tell you when Sakshi was asked how common life is affected, Sakshi said, ‘We are proud of where he (Dhoni) is because of his hard work and he is chosen from among crores of people. , they are praised,She is a part of the game that people like a lot in India. She said, ‘In normal life, when you get married and your husband goes to office, then normal life changes, but our husbands go out to play so I think It is that you just have to change yourself accordingly, you do not have to be a stress for them at that time, because we have to adapt according to their manner.

Talking further, Sakshi said that ‘some people are comfortable in front of the camera and some people are uncomfortable, public also judges you especially when you are a cricketer or wife of a celebrity, even if you share your photos with your friends. Spending time People’s thinking has no idea, they will think.

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