On the victory of BJP, people asked- Where is Munawwar Rana? Where will you leave UP?

The picture of Uttar Pradesh election result has been cleared. Once again BJP will rule on the throne of UP. On the one hand, many people are sending congratulatory messages to PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath on the victory of BJP. At the same time, some people are engaged in enjoying the poet Munavvar Rana on social media.

Munawwar Rana trolled on social media

Politics is such a thing that nothing can ever be said clearly about it. But I don’t know how Munawwar Rana predicted the defeat of BJP in talks. Once during the interview, Munawwar Rana had said that ‘if BJP comes again in UP, will leave Uttar Pradesh’. Now, as soon as the photo of UP’s politics was cleared, people remembered Munavwar Rana’s old statement.

What was there. Social media users got a chance to make memes on Twitter and people started enjoying Munawwar Rana. Seeing the lotus blooming in UP, people are asking Munawwar Munavvar Rana that now the Yogi government has decided to come to UP. Where will you go now? This is just a small sample. Next, through a tweet, show you what people are saying about Munavvar Rana.

After the victory of BJP, Munavwar Rana is seen surrounded on social media. But till now no reaction of Munawwar Rana has come to the fore. Now let’s see whether Munawwar sticks to his statement after the formation of the government. Or while rolling the dice, you will be seen presenting the statement in a twisted manner. Well, what’s the big deal in this? Often people do such big things in a hurry. Is not it?

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