No Petrol, No Ration, No Liquor If Not Taken Both Shots of Covid Vaccine

With receding Corona cases all over the country, the restrictions are being lifted completely. But Aurangabad city of Maharashtra is still not fully out of the lockdown. This has affected the business of more than 11,000 hotels, restaurants and theatres in the city. In such a situation, the district administration has proposed new guidelines to bring the city out of lockdown. Under this, now half of the population in the city who have not got both doses of vaccine will now not be able to access many basic facilities.

The District Task Force of Aurangabad held a meeting on Monday and discussed the issue of double vaccination in the city. Collector Sunil Chawhan announced the new restrictions. He said those who do not take both doses of the vaccine, will not be able to buy petrol, diesel, ration, CNG and LPG gas or will not be able to buy liquor also. This time, the restrictions have been made more stringent and even the electricity department has been roped in. Those not vaccinated with double doses of vaccine and if they have some electrical issues, the electrician will not do any such work in their homes.

As per the State government records, by now 90 percent of people should have taken a single dose of vaccination while 70 percent of the population must have got a double dose of vaccination. At present, only 82.97 percent of people have got the first dose of the vaccine while the percentage of double dose vaccination is just 53.71.

As per the data, 5.95 lakh people are still to get the first dose of vaccination while 9.31 lakh people have to be administered the second dose of vaccination. Despite repeated appeals by the district collector, the vaccination is not gathering pace and that is why now the district administration has come out with this new restriction of ‘no vaccine, no petrol, no ration

The district collector says that to end complete lockdown in the city, it is necessary that the target of vaccination is achieved by March 15. That is why this time police have been posted at petrol pumps so that no untoward incident takes place. At the same time, a medical team will also be stationed there to perform the vaccination on the spot.

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