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The affordable electric moped Exito Solo has arrived, will run 80Km in a single charge and the cost of running is only 25 paise

There is a steady increase in the number of electric two-wheelers in the Indian market. While the big players of the industry are busy making their presence felt in this segment, some new companies are also continuously introducing more than one model. Meanwhile, Nahak Motors has launched its affordable electric moped Exito Solo in the domestic market. The company claims that it is 100% Made-in-India which helps in making it affordable

The price of Exito Solo, an e-moped made in India, has been fixed at Rs 85,999 and the most interesting thing is that the cost of running it is just 25 paise per kilometer. That is, the driver can enjoy riding up to 40 kilometers for just 10 rupees. The company will start the deliveries through its showrooms across the country, from April it can also be booked from Nahak Motors website

Battery pack and driving range:

According to the information shared by the company, this electric moped has a battery pack of 48V and 30 AH capacity, which gives a driving range of up to 80 km in a single charge. This electric moped can be fully charged in just 5 hours through a normal household power socket. Presented by Nahak Motors, the Exito Solo is designed for all types of roads in villages and cities. This e-moped is capable of lifting up to 150 kg.

Speaking at the launch of Exito Solo, Dr. Prabhat Nahak, Chairman, Nahak Motors said, “We have the largest number of variants of EV vehicles in India. Petrol and diesel prices will continue to rise in the coming times. In such a situation, due to the increase in the cost of transportation, small businesses will be affected the most. To provide these merchants with an affordable means of transportation, we have launched the Exito Solo, a 100% India-made e-moped.”

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