Why Mumbai Indians did not retain Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma reveals the real reason

All the teams are making their plans before the start of the new season of the Indian Premier League. Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma also told a lot while talking to the media on Wednesday. He said that he has many match winners this season. He also explained the reason why Hardik Pandya was not retained by the Mumbai team.

Rohit said, “Look, there is no doubt that Hardik Pandya was a very important member of our team. I had said this in the beginning that the role he has played for this franchise team has a huge impact. His contribution cannot be overlooked or forgotten in any way. Whatever success our team has achieved, his contribution has been immense as long as he was in this team.”

Hardik will face a new challenge

Rohit said, “Now a very different challenge is going to come for him as well as he will now be in the role of the captain of the team. Now the challenge is going to be bigger for him with that franchise team. But as long as he is in this team. So, whatever role was given to him, he did it with great style. Not everyone can play this role like him but there were many other players who contributed equally to the success of the team. I’m not always talked about but we can’t ignore either one.”

New players in Mumbai team

When asked about whether IPL matches will be played in Mumbai this season, Rohit said that there will be no home condition issue. He said, “Look if you see, the team is new and most of the players do not have the experience of playing in Mumbai. Me, Ishaan, Bumrah and Suriya are the only ones who have played here. So there is nothing like the advantage of home condition. “

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