IPL 2022: Bad news for Mumbai Indians, just 1 glitch and Rohit Sharma will be banned, this player will be the new captain of the team

The IPL 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, the successful team Mumbai Indians, has been somewhat spent from the beginning. Which the team would not like to see mixed with its golden record at all. The team of Mumbai Indians has not won a single match this year. Mumbai Indians team is running very low in IPL 2022 points table. After which now Mumbai Indians can be banned in IPL. Mumbai Indians are a lapse away after being banned in a match. Know why Mumbai Indians may be banned

Rohit Sharma has made a mistake 2 times

Mumbai Indians team has been fined twice due to slow over rate. As per the rules of IPL, there is some time limit to bowl an over. Whereas if a team spends more than the stipulated time in a match, then the captain of that team is fined, after which if it happens for the second time then the team is fined 25 percent of the match fee and the captain is fined. With this, if a team does this for the third time as a slow over rate. Then he is also banned in one match. Mumbai Indians team has been fined twice under slow over rate. After which now if there is a slow over. Then he will have to face a one-match ban.

Hitman will be banned for 1 more mistake

Rohit Sharma has been fined twice in the first slow over rate with Mumbai Indians. Team Mumbai Indians were fined 24 lakhs after losing the match with Punjab Kings by 12 runs on Wednesday. With this, if this happens now, then Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma will be fined 30 lakhs and banned for 1 match.

Mumbai Indians at the bottom of the points table

Mumbai Indians’ performance in the points table of IPL 2022 has been disappointing. Mumbai Indians team has played a total of five matches. But the team has not registered a single victory. There are many big names in the team. But the team has not been able to register a win, after which it is at the bottom of the points table with zero points and a negative run rate.

If Mumbai Indians makes such a mistake again and Rohit Sharma is banned for one match, then Pollard will be made the new captain of Mumbai Indians in his place.

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